Ethics Assignment – Article Example

Ethical Dilemma Ethical dilemmas often afflict people specifically in complex situations that involve either moral or mental conflict. This implies that certain consequences occur if the other is ignored. It is because of guiding principles of ethics such as integrity, honesty, and integrity among others.
Therefore, the ethical situation afflicting the parties entails societal dilemmas. In the scenario, both parties are concerned with the hurricane tearing down the building because it would expose their dishonesty in refusing to accept their error (Garber 123). Similarly, issues of normative ethics would arise because both individuals acknowledge the moral action of telling the public of the structural defects within the bulling.
I do not think Bill should comply with building owner and architect in maintaining the secrecy because this violates the moral standards of truth values. Bill, as a reasonable human being, understands the morality of conducting the repairs in the day to assure the society of the errors made. However, compliance makes him culpable in the contravention of normative ethics that expects individuals to take a correct moral action to save people from injuries or loss.
The city engineer, on the other hand, engages in an unethical operation because he encourages dishonesty in the public’s eye (Garber 123). Ethics demand the eradication of conflict through dialogue with aggrieved parties to reach an amicable agreement.
It, therefore, is crucial to maintain ethical standards without being biased. In the above context, the public as the aggrieved party is entitled to knowledge about repairs of the building.
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