Commercial King Makes Art of Small-Business Ads by Lynn Elber – Article Example

The paper "Commercial King Makes Art of Small-Business Ads by Lynn Elber" is a good example of a marketing article review. The news article, ‘Commercial Kings’ makes art of small business ads, by Lynn Elber shows that creative input within market strategy and advertisements are major enabling elements of success rather the huge budgetary allotment. A web-based series, ‘I love local commercials’, conceived and started by two friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal is a strong example of a non-traditional format of marketing goods and services.  It especially is suitable for small offbeat businesses that have a low budget for marketing and rely basically on the viral techniques for spreading awareness about their business.  Rhett and Neal have a strong sense of irony which is displayed in their advertisements. Bury Me Naturally for eco-friendly burial service and Super Shmuttle, shuttle and day care centre for dogs are a few of the interesting businesses that have caught their eye. IFC series, ‘Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings’ reveals how the advertisements are visualized with the help of owners. They are also YouTube sensations with popular channels that show videos like ‘Facebook song’, ‘Fast food Folk Song’ which have millions of viewers. Major companies have become their sponsors.  The advertisements are low cost because the duo likes to shoot with the owners in their own inimical format of irony and humour. The local advertisements become popular because once they attract local customers, the humour in the advertisement ensures that they remember the advertisement and the products which are advertised. Rhett and Neal’s success shows that in the highly competitive environment of global business, innovative ideas can provide the small firms with competitive advantage and exposure to a wide market.