Marketing to Teenagers Effectively – Article Example

The paper "Marketing to Teenagers Effectively" is a good example of a marketing article review. Consumers exhibit diversity and dynamism in terms of their buying behaviours, making it necessary to understand these behaviours when undertaking marketing. Targeting teens are specifically critical due to the variant tastes and preferences they exhibit across different products and services. The article, “Marketing to Teenagers Effectively”, addresses these concerns when it comes to marketing products to teenagers. The source of this article is the Resources for Entrepreneurs, and the access link is The article is authored by Amy Bax, and it is dated August 30, 2012. The article highlights the fundamental aspects to account for when marketing to teenagers. To start with, the marketing techniques employed should be at par with the diversity and dynamism exhibited by teenagers in their buying behaviours and purchasing decisions. Marketing to teens should encompass originality, make use of techniques that allow collection of consumer feedback, employ marketing strategies that present teenage consumers as an important market segment, integrate teens in green movements, utilize social media marketing programs, and engage contemporary business trends so that the teenagers are placed at the core of the current trend (Bax, 2012). In so doing, it is vital to consider that the attitudes, tastes and preferences of teenagers keep changing from time to time. These changes need to be identified in due time in order to exploit the underlying opportunities. Online marketing should be prioritized alongside other forms of marketing. This article outlines how to market to teens, and also highlights factors to consider when marketing to teenagers (Bax, 2012). All these variables are captured in the consumer buying behaviour concept. Specifically, the article is deeply rooted in marketing to teenagers, making the subject matter of the article a critical aspect of this class. Buyer behaviours and purchase decisions that teenagers show are used to inform marketing practices that primarily target this market segment.