Fears Election Uncertainty Could Hit Construction – Article Example

The paper “Fears Election Uncertainty Could Hit Construction” is an outstanding example of an article review on engineering&construction.
Yoosof Farah has published today an article in “Building” magazine of UK, under the title, “Fears election uncertainty could hit construction”, with the purpose of highlighting that construction trade activities may get a setback in case the British general election results do not give a clear majority to a single party. According to the author, these fears have surfaced due to the expected delays in negotiations between the parties regarding the formation of the government. These delays would subsequently mean late completion of on-going infrastructure projects and delays in getting new investments towards fresh construction projects. The author has cited reports from Markit/CIPS that provide evidence of a slowdown in construction activities during the last several months, as it registered last month, the slowest growth in 22 months. The author provides views from construction experts including Noble Francis, economics director at the Construction Products Association and Brian Berry, chief executive of Federation of Master Builders to support his apprehensions on the slowdown in construction activities in Great Britain. (Farah, 2015)
The author has rightly justified the chances of a slowdown in construction activities in the UK, particularly when the election results point to a hung parliament. However, with little control over these results, only wishful thinking can save the industry from further slowdown. Accordingly, it is essential to formulate long-term policies that could ultimately isolate these activities from the political influences. Since large investments are related to the infrastructure projects needed for boosting the construction activities, the country’s trade and investment environment needs refining and strengthening, in order to make it self–resilient. This can prove beneficial for the trade and commercial activities of the country, especially those related to construction.