Choosing A Future – Article Example

Choosing a Future The Charles Murry makes a hypothetical analysis of the concept of economic welfare among American According to his conviction, the great vision of ‘zero level federal system’ has to be implemented in the States as the most critical need in this space era.
The main question arises regarding this thought is that who are responsible for the pathetic economic condition of the poor people. Charles Murry strongly argues that all people, regardless of their classes are accountable for this adversity. It is being said that the poor becomes poorer through the phenomena of ‘vicious circle of poverty’. In other words, we can assume that poor people are hardly hit by numerous elemental factors including the socio-economic and ethnic conditions.
There are various key strategies that can upgrade the level of poor people with out the federal or central assistance. Among them the priority goes to employment opportunities especially for the young generation and women-who are the vulnerable section of the society. Income support can also be provided through AFDC and unemployment insurance scheme. The notable point with the writer’s argument is that parents’ attitude towards their children’s job has to be altered. The parents can morally support their children in various ways such as encouraging them by non-economic rewards.
The major objective of this article is to through light upon the relevance of the local aid and support that can ensure uplift to the poor. The writer also intends to say that needy people have to be identified mainly by local vote. The writer’s thought is highly relevant to the United States’ present socio-economic scenario.