CDRJ #5 – Article Example

CDRJ #5 In this narration, Tom compared to other characters seems to be in alienation based on his initial arguments concerning the Nanny (Dick 384). The wife’s behavior and perspective towards their Nanny is similar to that of numerous women when analyzing their fellow female gender. This is especially when narrating how archaic they are compared to themselves in the event of telling their male counterparts whom they are seeking their attention from. Based on the wife’s description when conversing to the husband, it is more of degrading despite the Nanny playing a significant role in their lives as a couple. However, this is not the case with Tom who sees the Nanny as a “savior” especially in dealing and caring for their two children (Dick 384). He strongly objects how his wife calls their Nanny a “Robot” thus likening her with numerous machines that make the work of human easier.
Based on this text, I think the wife despite the husband seeming alienated she is also out of place whereby she results to using degrading descriptions coupled with calling the Nanny names in order to appear more valuable to her husband. This is because as the wife in this family she ought to initiate love but does the contrary evident in the way her children love the Nanny and not her. In addition, the husband despite all these and other incidences he silently sees his wife degrading the Nanny, does not dare to contribute in disparaging her. However, he cautions her wife in a lovely manner to desist from that behavior because of how the Nanny has helped them besides being in good relationships with their children who in turn love her too much. Therefore, this text focuses majorly on exhibiting alienation of parents more so the wife despite supposed to assume the center stage in running their family especially in nurturing their children.
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