Cash For Kidneys: The Case For A Market For Organs – Article Example

The paper "Cash For Kidneys: The Case For A Market For Organs" is a worthy example of an article review on health studies&medicine
Cash for kidneys is a very important commercial transaction because it helps in saving life and speeding organ donation. One of the advantages is that the commercial transaction reduces the waiting time for the organ. Secondly, it prevents death because some people may come out to donate the organ at a pay. Thirdly, it reduces the suffering among the patients who endure pain waiting for a transplant. Act utilitarians who believe that whatever is done must create the best net utility support all these advantages. The above actions or benefits are meant to produce the best result by speeding organ donation and minimizing suffering and long wait among the sick.
However, the commercial transaction involving cash for kidneys is not good because it may only lure the poor who require money to donate without considering the health implications of the action. Similarly, the same poor patients who require transplants may be unable to get the service because of its expensive nature. Therefore, it is immoral to sale kidney by giving out cash to those who donate. The rich with money may not come out hence disadvantaging others. Additionally, Rule utilitarian do not agree with the cash for a kidney because it is immoral. Rule utilitarian believes that an action must only be performed in case it has a moral justification to the society. This business transaction lacks moral justification hence should be discontinued.