Bob Knowing's Change Manual – Article Example

Bob Knowings Change Manual Bob Knowings Change Manual The narrative talks about Bob knowlings change manuals. The narrator clarifies how Bob though believed to have been born from a poor background has fought relentlessly to achieve good targets in life. In his current job at Ameritech telecommunications, he has demonstrated a true spirit of courage. Bob, who is the then CEO of American telecommunication is believed to be a very much gifted person, very committed and is able to envisage what is, suppose to take place in future. After the introduction of Bob knowlings backgrounds to educational intellect and the achievements, the narrator is able to make comparison and a clear demonstration with respect to the current life that, it is absolute that determination pays (Tichy, 2013).
I support the narrative, this is because the concepts represented in this paper gives a clear illustration on how being born out of poverty should not be used as an element to suppress your success in life. In this context, the narrator describes how the first time he met Bob Knowling; he was working up to very late in the night just to achieve his targets. But his recommendable efforts are visualized from the narrators’ descriptions such as gifted, committed and long sited. But indeed his determination has enabled him to achieve positions such as the vice presidents of network operations. Moreover, the paper has also indicated how change transformation and acceptance can help an individual to step over challenges. Besides, it categorically illustrates that, dismissal to change acceptance can cost someone’s integrity and render him ineffective (Tichy, 2013).
Ultimately, the paper gives vital concepts on how there is a need to seek consultation and permission before a change is rolled out as this would enable conceptualization of more information. It illustrates that consultation does not mean that there is deficiency of facts but it is vital in adding more knowledge (Tichy, 2013).
Tichy, N. (2013). Bob Knowlings Change Manual. Retrieved on Oct 4, 2013 from