ERP Implementation Benchmark by Michael Krigsman – Article Example

The paper “ERP Implementation Benchmark by Michael Krigsman” is an exceptional example of an article review on information technology. System implementation in an organization assists the organization to measure and save their value. This is in terms of its operations and annual spending. In an article by Michael Krigsman, enterprise systems and some of their advantages are discussed. Around the world, companies are out to ensure that the implementation of these systems works in their favor and to their advantage (Krigsman, 2012). An example of a company that uses these systems is the Microsoft Company. It is responsible for supplying many software products from its manufacturing agencies, to a large number of retail stores in the region. There are stages involved in the implementation process. These stages offer companies an avenue to choose whether they want to continue or abandon their operations. The implementation process offers realistic expectations, which assist the organization to know of its immediate goals.   It is through the implementation of such processes that an organization can be effective. Mitigation of risk can also fall under this system implementation, according to the article. The Microsoft Corporation may have used a lot of capital in the implementation process. In the long run; this process can assist companies in cost savings, and bring in business opportunities from different quarters (Krigsman, 2012). It may ensure that short-term losses are avoided by a company. The technological advances allow companies to reduce unpredictability and uncertainty. The technological processes can also allow organizations to allocate funds for different purposes and tasks. The regulation of pressure associated with running an organization depends on how well the implementation process is carried out in the organization (Krigsman, 2012).