Outsmarting Algae: Scientist Finds The Turn-Off Switch – Article Example

The paper "Outsmarting Algae: Scientist Finds The Turn-Off Switch" is an excellent example of a biology article review.
The article ‘Outsmarting Algae: Scientist Finds the Turn-Off Switch’ focuses on the detailed description of a scientific achievement in solving the complexity of algaecide that can be quite beneficial for the ecosystem. The discussion in this article depicts the achievement of two scientists associated with Rochester Institute of Technology, named André Hudson and Renwick Dobson, in identifying the linkage between the survival of algae and their destruction through the development of an effective algaecide. Algae are categorized as autotrophic organisms that also perform photosynthesis similar to other living things in Plantae kingdom. Modern scientific researches have revealed that these organisms if bloom in high quantity can be quite harmful to the bionetwork as it has already threatened the biological structure of Great Lakes. The scientists in their research findings revealed that lysine is the most important source of energy and life for the algae, whether unicellular or multicellular as it matters in the case of any other living thing. As these organisms are autotrophs, they develop the required lysine through photosynthesis independently with the help of a particular enzyme. Thus, effective algaecides can be formulated with the intention to destroy the enzymes that allow algae to perform photosynthesis and develop lysine. Reflecting these findings, the scientists focus on crystallization of these enzymes that would, in turn, prohibit the organisms from developing lysine and thus prohibit their sustenance. As reflected in the article, the scientists have also initiated to limit the effect of algaecides on heterotrophs that depend on autotrophs for lysine. Because heterotrophs, such as human beings collect their required lysine from plants and do not possess the enzymes, they will not be affected by the algaecides produced to crystallize the enzymes.