Scientists to Pause Research on Deadly Strain of Bird Flu – Article Example

The paper "Scientists to Pause Research on Deadly Strain of Bird Flu" is an excellent example of a biology article review. In Denise Grady’s article, “Scientists to Pause Research on Deadly Strain of Bird Flu,” the author brings to light research that scientists are undertaking. These scientists have modified a deadly strain of flu virus to make it even more contagious. While some scientists are proponents of the research, there are others who think the project is too dangerous. In response to the scepticism, the scientists have agreed to halt their work until they can communicate their intentions with specialists and the public. A meeting will be held to discuss how the research can continue without putting the world at risk of a pandemic. 
These experiments, which are being conducted in the Netherlands, are centred around the bird flu virus known as H5N1. This virus seldom infects people but is deadly when it does. The virus is not transmissible between humans; those who developed it were in contact with infected birds. As such, the purpose for conducting the research was to see how viruses start in animals and then adapt to humans, which is how pandemics begin. By understanding this, scientists believe they can help recognize viruses before they become pandemics. 
Scientists are disappointed in the pause in research, believing that the proposed security measures might put restrictions on the research when it starts again. However, the ability of the scientists to make a flu strain deadlier and more contagious has caused many safety concerns, such as if the flu were to leak from the laboratory or if the strain should fall into the wrong hands. The scientists have been asked to keep some of their findings secret so that they cannot be reproduced by others. This is due to the fact that the mutated flu strain that the scientists have created is capable of being transmitted among people, essentially creating the very thing that the public fears - a chance for a pandemic.