Zyman New Rules Of Marketing – Article Example

The paper "Zyman New Rules Of Marketing" is a great example of a marketing article review.
The effectiveness of marketing, as a tool for supporting business performance, has been a key problem for marketers and researchers worldwide. In his article published in 2003, Zyman highlights the end of traditional marketing and the appearance of a new marketing. The new marketing, according to Zyman, can help businesses to improve their market position. Traditional marketing is no more able to play the above role.
The article of Zyman is particularly important, as part of the academic literature. Indeed, through this article Zyman sets a critical issue, which is not widely known: the disappearance of marketing, in its traditional form. Most of the studies related to marketing avoid highlighting the above phenomenon. In fact, most of the existing studies dealing with a marketing focus on marketing in its traditional form. In other words, most of researchers and academics seem to ignore the fact that marketing, in its traditional form, does no longer exist. Under these terms, the article of Zyman is unique as of its theme, i.e. the replacement of traditional marketing by a new marketing. Another important advantage of the article of Zyman is the following one: the article has been carefully structured, so that its key subject, as described above, to be clear to the readers. In this context, the article has been divided into sub-parts so that the flow of the text to be secured; in this way also, the writer’s views are highlighted, being supported by an appropriate material. In other words, the article of Zyman can be characterized as of high quality not only because of its uniqueness in terms of its theme but also because of its structure and literature used. In general, the article of Zyman focuses on a subject that is quite popular in academic literature: marketing. Dealing with this subject would possibly have the following risk: most aspects of this subject have been already covered in the literature. However, Zyman manages to develop an article that can be characterized as unique while being aligned with the rules of academic research, in terms of quality, as explained above.