Bullying and Suicide: A Public Health Approach – Article Example

The paper "Bullying and Suicide: A Public Health Approach" is an exceptional example of a psychology article review. Marci Feldman Hertz presents the relationship between the teenage bullying and the high rates of suicide in the country. The study presents findings that directly relate suicide behaviors to bullying among the teenagers. However, in the analysis of these facts Marci Feldman Hertz, cites that other factors come into play on the suicide-related behavior and they have a positive relationship to depression and delinquency. In the conclusion of the article, Marci Feldman Hertz gives public health strategies that if applied, greatly reduce the bullying and suicide-related behavior.
  Bullying is much more prevalent in junior schools compared to high schools. The rate is very high in the country and needs to be addressed immediately. It is estimated in a class of 30 teenagers 7 to 17 are bullies. Both the teenagers who are bullied and bully record poor academic results. The bullied teenagers feel they do not belong to the school and slip into the depression that is related to suicidal behavior. The bullies mostly come from an abusive background of violence and they extend it to their peers. In their subconscious mind, they find refuge in drugs and mostly drink and smoke.  Marci Feldman Hertz demonstrates that both social bullying and cyberbullying have the same effect in suicidal behavior. However, I feel there must be some significant difference in the rate of contribution to suicidal behavior. I agree with Marci Feldman Hertz on the fact that bullying leads to psychological impairment and delinquency which tend to influence suicidal behavior and the feeling of loneliness (Hertz).  The rates of bullying are high and there is the need for strategies to reduce the rate. Marci Feldman Hertz suggests increasing the level of resistance to bullies in the victims greatly reduces the suicidal behavior. The strategy is boosted greatly by school and family support.  In conclusion, the article was very informative especially for the strategies to reduce bullying.