Maria Cabral – Article Example

The paper "Maria Cabral " is a great example of an article review on journalism and communication.
Maria Cabral is a teenage girl whose original country is the Dominican Republic on the La Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean region. Her family moved to New York when she was only ten before proceeding to Montreal city in Canada three years later. Such successive relocation was due to transfers of her father, who worked as a software engineer with various companies in New York and Montreal.  She did part of her elementary schooling in the Dominican Republic before the family moved to New York City. The 19-year-old affirms that living in three totally different environments, has greatly shaped her life to become the sort of woman she is today. She particularly acknowledges her experience of diverse cultures she learnt as a teenager given the constant relocation of her parents together with other four siblings which inevitably subjected them to different ways of life.  The cultural dynamics that Maria had to cope with include change in language, religion, lifestyle, values and beliefs. Back in her home country, Spanish was the language widely spoken by the population. However, moving to New York would mean that she had to learn English is the most popular language among locals besides being the language of instruction in the learning institutions. Further, the family went to a protestant church in spite of being staunch Roman Catholics back at home. What could hardly fade away from her memory are the vibrant film, music, theatre, and visual art industries in New York? The city is characterized by a chain of world’s most celebrated artists.  She became a prolific French speaker apart from learning jazz and rock music while in Montreal city, Canada. The diverse cultures have boosted her dream of becoming independent in life and being a musician who sings in various languages including English, French and Spanish.