More Retailers Are Courting Gay Customers by Karen Talley – Article Example

The paper "More Retailers Are Courting Gay Customers by Karen Talley" is a great example of a marketing article review.
Article: More Retailers Are Courting Gay Customers.
It discusses how gay Couples appear in catalogues, as well as other marketing mediums as firms find that the upshots overshadow likely risks.
Author: Talley, Karen.
The article discusses how retailers are shifting their attention to the Lesbian and Gay community since they consider them extremely substantial buyers (Talley, 2012).
But the article also warns retailers that such an endeavour could jeopardize their relations with the heterosexual community.
The article discusses how J.C. Penney Co. is known for hiring high-profile gay people in the society such as Ellen DeGeneres and still manages to overcome the competition barrier. Such an act could lead to the collapse of an organization since the gay and lesbian community is regarded as the minority, but still, they sell (Talley, 2012).
The article also discusses how, for years, companies have advertised their products in gay magazines, which has now gotten them to the business level they wanted.
Many family units made up of gays, particularly couples, have shifted to suburbia, long the stronghold of large retailers (Talley, 2012).
J.C. Penney has been more belligerent compared to other large retailers in attracting gay customers. In addition to employing Ms DeGeneres, the firm included two females as a couple in its May offering, as well as two male couples in its June catalogue.
The company also had a team in New York's Gay Pride carnival.
The article finalizes its findings by giving comments made by other observers such as Target and Professor Robert Ross of the Clark University in Massachusetts (Talley, 2012).
These observers argue that the gay and lesbian community should not be ignored as they are increasing day by day.