Abstract – Article Example

This paper examines the merits of using alternative energy for cars by analyzing Tesla electric car. Electric carshave proved advantageous to both users and the environment than gasoline cars due to reduced gas emissions. Tesla Motors has introduced Model S with adequate capacity to solve the challenges of reduced speed and short-lived batteries in electric cars. Increased demand for electricity by electric and hybrid cars has been countered by inventing eco-friendly methods of generating energy. Cars using alternative energy have the potential of achieving high demands across the world markets. Adequate funds have been forwarded to extensive Research and Development projects for scientists to seek ways of minimizing the shortcomings of electric cars in order to achieve full facilitation of greener proposals.
The paper will compare the use of coal versus solar during processing and using of cars, and reveal ways through which electric cars can be made better to enhance their demand. The process of manufacturing cars that use natural energy involves high initial costs. Natural gas causes some environmental degradation, causing alternative energy undesirable. The government encourages the use of electric cars through installation of facilities to make possible easy refilling of batteries. Increased use of electric cars may increase use of coal to satisfy electricity requirements, but the government can enact rules to control electricity generation. Coal emits carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Manufacturing plants have adopted carbon capture strategy to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to the environment.