Why I Want To Major In Engineering Mechanics (not To Confused With Mechanical Engineering) – Admission/Application Essay Example

Engineering Mechanics I have had a lifelong interest of studying Engineering Mechanics. This dream was coined during my tender days whenever I would look at real life situations and marvel at the various applications of physics. I noticed how man’s work had been made easier through simple innovations and inventions. At the time, I did not know that mechanics were responsible for this enhancement. I later came to realize that mechanics were the fulcrum of an enhanced human life. I acquainted myself with the different branches of physics that include Mechanics, thermodynamics and Electricity. I became interested in Engineering Mechanics due to its wide applications in real life situations. Motion, work, energy, power and machines presented various problems that concerned human life. I loved to read various concepts regarding the dynamics of particles and the calculations involving the kinetic energy of particles. While I got engrossed in my passion, I didn’t know that I was defining a career for myself. My career in engineering mechanics grew in a subtle manner.
Sometime later, I developed my experience in mechanics while I served as an intern at the Velvetech Company. This company provides software platforms for better business. It is also determined to solve the problems of clients with development services that are innovative. I worked for four years in the IT department where we delivered a wide range of world class technology that is cost-effective. This experience, coupled with my interest, puts me on a pedestal towards accomplishing my career objectives. Against this background, I believe that getting an admission to study Engineering Mechanics Major will enable me advance my knowledge. Additionally, it would encourage me to work even harder for the benefit of myself and my country while I utilize the robust experience of my father as a software guru.