Why Are You Considering The Ohio State University – Admission/Application Essay Example

Why are you considering The Ohio ID Lecturer Life offers chances at different stages and I believe I owe gratitude towards life for my peculiar undertakings. I am 18 years old and I recently completed my high-school. I have had amazing grades in my high-school, 96.7% to be precise. This has made me go for the best possible university which will instill in me the confidence and charisma in my personality that I direly require. Presently I am studying at the Ohio State University’s American Language Program (ALP). Even though my mother tongue is Arabic but I know the nuances of the English language and have absolutely no issues whatsoever with the related learning regimes. I have a very solid foundation with the Arabian culture nonetheless. My aim in life is to study accounting as I have made my choice that this will be my major in the coming times. I am also interested in learning finances, business and other subjects which hold special place within their own right. The reason why I want to pursue accounting is because it is recommended within my country as a major and I believe I will be at an advantage if I take up this as a full time career. I would require the assistance of the Ohio State University’s authorities to understand my position and grant me the admission that I richly deserve, through my educational levels and the experience that I have attained so far in my life. I am very hopeful that if provided a chance, I would embody success through sheer hard work and persistence within my studies.