Topic A: Statement Of Purpose – Admission/Application Essay Example

A ment of Purpose During my early years at school, besides discipline and academic time management, constant interaction with mates, instructors, admin staff, and the rest of the faculty and student body in the academic institution has helped me profoundly realize the essence of socialization in the growth of a learning individual. With the curricular design of courses and approach of teaching by which the school was able to facilitate my process of learning, I had become disposed to connecting with different kinds of people in my attempt to access various academic resources and be equally sustained by the objective knowledge through individual efforts and one derived from dynamic human relations. In this fashion, I get inclined at depth to observe patterns of communication from which to determine sensible measures capable of resolving socio-scientific conflicts and this chiefly serves the key to my pursuit of higher goals with my course of interest through the institution’s program.
I have been in several academic and non-academic settings where people come from diverse early educational orientation and cultural backgrounds. In most of these instances, I have had tough times of patiently asserting myself and making adjustments in a polite manner yet with firm resolve to get everyone converge or close negotiation on a win-win situation. This is not rare to me and becoming further accustomed to it pays off in a number of ways I see my potentials at education drawn to a range of challenges for improvement. I can thus guarantee well in this intent my adequacy in competitiveness, patience, kindness, and deeper levels of understanding classmates and colleagues alike given the opportune admission herein. With my previous relevant scholastic endeavor, I am certain that to this extent, I am equipped with the suitable character of persevering to complete studies in this university with an enhanced objective and a growing sense of passion for the chosen area of specialization.