The Viewpoint Of Sears – Admission/Application Essay Example

The viewpoint of Robert Sears October 6, Robert Sears’ view is instrumental in resolving a current deadlock. The research delves onthe current laxity in the aluminum intake scene. The research delves into the problem of reducing aluminum dosage intake. The viewpoint of R. Sears is grounded on the necessity of reducing the negative effects of aluminum.
Robert Sears is correct in stating that aluminum is another thimerosal (Sears). Aluminum is one of the harmful ingredients of certain vaccine drugs, when taken in excess (Barrett 118). Vaccines are use to prevent the onset of the debilitating effects of certain ailments. For example, vaccines are successful in eliminating polio virus. The vaccines trigger the body’s immune system. With the immune system in full force, the viruses will simply die or disappear from the patients’ anatomy. The Aspen group and the Federal Drug Administration insist that injected aluminum does not surpass 25 mcg.
However, aluminum my trigger unwarranted side effects. Aluminum can reach a higher toxic stage. Researches theorized that patients with kidney problems may have higher risks of aluminum-triggered ailments. In addition, the body’s tissue loading may include accumulation of aluminum. The toxic dose of aluminum is presumed to be as low as l0 mcg (for infants). For adults, the toxic levels may reach 350 mcg.
There have been policies to reduce aluminum intake. The Federal Drug Administration has set the maximum amount of aluminum levels. The Federal Drug Administration states that the aluminum should not exceed 25 mcg per solution, during the infants’ IV feed solutions.
The views of the abovementioned authors may be effective in resolving a current deadlock. There is current laxity in the aluminum intake scene. Decreasing aluminum dosage intake reduces aluminum’s harmful effects. Evidently, the viewpoint of R. Sears is correct.
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