The Rocking-Horse Winner – Admission/Application Essay Example

Introduction There was a boy d Paul who asked his mother why they are poor. His mother responded to him that, the father was not lucky. Paul was however convinced that he could find luck elsewhere. He therefore started riding old rocking horse with the belief that luck would eventually come his way.
A middle aged dejected man, Paul’s father is presented to be a man without luck. Despite his hard work and promising prospects, it is evident that the hopes will not materialize; making his wife believe that he is unlucky. He is only mentioned once in the story as the narrator presents the life of Paul’s family. His father seems to be suffering from the problem of looking for money, which he unfortunately fails to get resulting into constant quarrels in the house. The father therefore is presented as a minor character and is almost non-existent in the play and his work is portrayed as working in some office.
Oscar Creswell is Paul’s uncle whose money, Paul uses to make the first successful bet. He does this after noticing that Paul, unlike his father is lucky when it comes to choosing who the winner should be in a game. He later decides to become Paul’s partner. Oscar is more dominant in the story given that the story revolves around luck. As Paul’s father was not lucky, Oscar had to be dominant as he partners with Paul in disproving his mother.
In nut shell, the story presents the themes of self-knowledge, money and capitalism, religion, and family relationship. As he promised his mother, Paul proves that he is lucky and all in his bets, he remains a winner.
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