The Choices For A Sustainable World Section Of Your Textbook Writing Arguments, Read Vandana – Admission/Application Essay Example

Choices for a Sustainable World The issue of sustainability and stewardship for natural resources apply to my everyday living. This relates to the actuality that I am a victim of the pollution that shapes the present day environment. My community suffers as well due to the unpredictable weather patterns that are existent today. In the case of environmental degradation, several places are inhabitable, farming is almost impossible and the natural resources such as the lakes are also slowly depleting (Kristof 1).
In the article, The Soil vs. the Sensex, Vandana Shiva’s thesis statement is the thought that the environment is the source of life and nourishment to living things. This statement can be validated where the author claims that the earth is under threat and that the subsequent effects on the communities relying on the earth for survival will be massive (Shiva 47). Shiva also indicates that the earth is slowly losing its place as the source of fertility of the soils (47).
The overall persuasiveness of the argument is perfect. The author appeals to reason, ethics, and emotion through giving valid examples of how the earth is under threat. One can easily relate with the author’s sentiments especially when she explains how the soils have failed to feed the population in question (Shiva 47). The author is also hopeful that the situation will change as the earth has fed the population for the longest time. If stringent mechanisms are put in place, the earth will slowly reclaim its place as the mother of all generations.
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