Statement of Purpose for a Leadership Doctoral Program – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Statement of Purpose for a Leadership Doctoral Program" is a wonderful example of a management admission essay.
I have completed a degree in police leadership and wish to advance with my studies through the leadership doctoral program. Encouragement from other members of the police force, the need to advance in education and interest in leadership has motivated me to pursue the doctoral program as this will ensure that I have the necessary skills in dealing with situations that require leadership skills. Leadership has become paramount in the police sector as the police are faced with different situations that will require them to make sound decisions failure to which their effectiveness is undermined. The leadership doctoral program will enable me to advance in my rank in employment as I will be able to show others the direction to follow using the skills I obtain.
My purpose for seeking a doctoral program in police leadership is to broaden my knowledge of leadership theories and practices as they pertain to police leadership. My view of a police leader is one who will be able to show the direction to others and lead by example by ensuring integrity in all my endeavors. There have been cases when some police officers make irrational decisions they face because of being overwhelmed and the doctoral program will sharpen my decision-making skills so that I can be able to administer to people in the best way possible. My prior research in police leadership during the master's program will be an added advantage when pursuing the doctoral program as I already have knowledge of police leadership. I believe that the doctoral program will help me in becoming a good leader by leaning on the theories and practices of good leadership. Good leaders will develop themselves through self-study, education, training and experience, and the doctoral program give me a chance to become a good leader by providing me with a platform to continue with my studies.