Sociology/ Describe And Evaluate Health And Health-care Institutions – Admission/Application Essay Example

Why AIDS continues to be an epidemic?   In the 2001 session of UN, on the World AIDS Day, the General Assembly adopted a strategy to defeat AIDS through resources, commitment and action. Although the first two parameters have been met, there is little progress in action. The reason why there is a dearth of action is attributable to many factors due to which AIDS continues to be an epidemic. One of the reasons is lack of funding and money to fight the disease. Despite efforts my NGOs and governments, for many people living in Sub-Sahara Africa, there is still little access to condoms. Weak infrastructure to support the cause of AIDS along with a dearth of health workers have also contributed to the diminished effects of the action plan. Heterosexual transmission of AIDS, hence, continues to rise. Furthermore, there is lack of awareness about AIDS not only amongst the population of undeveloped countries but also amongst the ministers and higher authorities. For instance, Thabo Mbeki does not accept HIV as the cause of AIDS, with increasing number of people consequently believing that HIV drugs lead to the progress of the disease to AIDS (Cichocki). This lack of awareness has coupled with the lack of medications has made the fight against AIDS even more difficult. Moreover the negative attitudes towards people infected with AIDS not only make it difficult for them to deal with the stigma, but it also impedes the governments in enforcing the measures aimed to curb the spread of disease and can cause people to be reluctant about getting screened.
These problems can be overcome by initiating an education campaign to put a halt to the prejudices, myths and indifference rampant in the society. This requires the cooperation of the leaders of the affected countries. The funds should be channelized in order to improve the health infrastructure of the country. Also awareness should be raised amongst the community about safe sexual practices, and about the correct usage of drugs. Moreover, the use of drugs through injections is also attributable to the spread of HIV. Thus the governments need to take concrete steps to prevent the intravenous abuse of drugs in the locals. AIDS is a global challenge; hence to prevent it from spreading cooperation is needed at every level.

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