Report Writing – Admission/Application Essay Example

Purchasing Patterns based on Data Problem ment To understand market trends and the dynamics ofconsumers, relevant data that depict the exact nature and occurrences in the market must be availed. Marketing is not just about going out to the market with goods and services for sale. Effective marketing is achieved when businesses have sufficient information about their consumers and can predict their responses accurately. Evidently, most research studies have found out that most firms have remained incognizant of this reality making them perform poorly in their respective industries. Most companies ignore the influence consumer behavior patterns have on marketing operations (Glickman, 118). This forms a critical question worth investigating as these behavior patterns and responses exhibited by consumers may be great opportunities that firms can use to improve their market performances. This study seeks to analyze the problem of consumer behavior in regard to available data.
In any particular area, the growth of supermarkets and grocery stores shows there is still an untapped market out there. For many, the differentiation each enterprise possesses defines the number of clients it can possibly attain. For this purpose, having the right understanding of the usage of data in attracting more clients is important. Most people do not understand that they have a role to play, yet they have to make good utility of their decision-making platforms available to capture a larger clientele in the ever-competitive markets. In essence, getting the right data could be the needed security to gaining the improvement needed to influence positive outcomes amongst clients.
i. Purpose: This reports aims at exploring the effects of purchasing patterns on major industries with reference to the available data. This is based on the fact that consumer behavior pattern influences market operations of industries in one way or the other.
ii. Scope: This report will cover some of the influences purchasing behaviors and patterns have on large industries.
iii. Shortcomings: The inability of getting precise data due to increase global tendencies and lack of official statistics on the same amongst small scale businesses
iv. Data collection: Will be based mainly on quantitative and qualitative methods such as surveys, interviews, and analysis of financial reports
B. Presentation of data
a. Charts and graphs will represent data
b. Tabulations of information will also ease understanding of the information acquired.
C. Summary and conclusion
a. All companies need to serious take into consideration the impact purchasing patterns have on their businesses
b. Ideal actions will depend on the ability to interpret data and formulate formidable conclusions to assist in increasing sales
c. More research ought to be done by businesses before setting up any form of product advertisement (Hanley & Morgan 80)
d. All businesses have a chance of benefiting from consultancy if they want to benefit from such services in the future
Work Cited
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