Reading Summary 6 – Admission/Application Essay Example

Reading summary Introduction Reference: Kotler, P., & Lee, N. (2007). Creating and Maintaining a desired Brand Identity. Marketing in the public sector: a roadmap for improved performance. (Pp.107-131) Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Wharton School Publishing.
Theme: Creating and maintaining a desired brand identity.
This chapter delves to give an insight into the energy star- a brand mandated with the task of protecting the universe in its entirety among other ideas namely:
Challenges and the strategies put in place to avert such occurrences of the Energy star as a brand.
Some of the achievements of the energy star brand are also postulated and a decisive study of the branding of this commodity in the public sector.
Brand definition and function of energy star.
Some of the ways of creating a desirable brand, that is, brand identity, brand function, target audience, articulation of your desired brand identity, drafting of the brand promise, brand position in relation to the competition and selecting the appropriate brand elements.
Some of the ways in which one can maintain a good brand image. For instance, the setting of guidelines for utilization of the brand, auditing and managing the brands constant point for purposes of success in the business venture, ensuring adequate visibility, keeping track and monitoring the brands position, sticking with the said strategies over time and lastly, revitalizing and reinventing the brand.
Other reading
Evidently, through the establishment of a brand, it is core to apply the good business strategies for instance marketing strategies that would help to publicize the brand and consequently, help in the expansion of the particular field in business. Thus, in a bid to understand brands and their formation, one must understand the vital foundation of business.
Krohn, F. B. (1994). Improving Business Ethics with the Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis in Business Communication Classes. Journal of Education for Business, 69(6), 354-358.