Reading Response – Admission/Application Essay Example

Hard Riding: A Response Reading The short narrative “Hard Riding” by McNickle is a simple story that appearsto imply and suggest more than it actually states. Throughout the story, the author depicts the modern, as well as the progressive in a manner aimed at demonstrating how the author possesses the same feelings as the story’s intended audience. It is plausible that McNickle is very privy to the ‘Indian ways’ that he shares with the reader, demonstrating what his five years of experience in serving as superintendent have taught him regarding the people that he has been mandated to manage (McNickle 1989) The narrative highlights how the protagonist has become, though momentarily, expert, and the ultimate authority. It is important to acknowledge that the narrative appears to hinge on the authority’s thwarted efforts, thus calling for careful consideration of the story’s ending. The reason here is that the conclusion not only relates to what precedes it, but also on how the reader responds to the protagonist’s failure to have his way among the native Indians. The reader is not involved in the unfolding debate, rather, the action is manifested through the Agent and the interpreter, yet the reader becomes an insider by reflecting on the implications of the maneuvering; where the orders from the domineering society are followed, not in principle, but in the form. The question that suffices is; does the reader dismiss, applaud, or dismiss the actions of the native Indians?
Community supersedes both individuality and alienation to emerge as a major thematic concern in the story. It is a communism that hails the sharing of bounty, as well as the hardships, and it is only enabled through the ability to strike a consensus by way of discussion and group reasoning (McNickle 1991). As the story shows, the author attempts to demonstrate how attempts at imposing non-indigenous, non-traditional ways of behavior over native populations can have a humorous side (McNickle 1991). It is through such humor that the author succeeds in highlighting the inherent folly that emanates from an ethnocentric address to intercultural interactions.
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