PROPOSAL PAPER – Admission/Application Essay Example

PROJECT PROPOSAL April 23, Nature of the project: Paper of the project: Relevance of Music Education in Modern Curriculum Project Brief:
The project relates to the course in the sense that it attempts to establish the benefits and impacts of music education on students. The project focuses on young children up to high school students in terms of the incorporation of music education into their curriculum. Since the course is music and mind spring, the project looks into the impact on music education on students and young children both in school and at home. Since scholars have conducted vast research in the area, the project aims at coming up with suitable findings by reviewing various peer reviewed journals available in academic libraries. The project is especially helpful to music students because it delves into the fundamental aspects of music education. It relates to the course because the course also deals with various elements of music education. Besides, all the bibliographic sources pertain to music, which is the domain of the course. Therefore, the project satisfies the requirements of the course.
The project could be evaluated based on a number of criteria, depending on the specificity of the project. At the end of the project, I shall have accomplished a number of learning objectives including but not limited to understanding the relevance of music education in modern school curricula. In addition, I will gain insight into the impact and mechanism of music education of children, especially on school-going children. In this regard, the examiners should look at the research question, hypotheses, and connect them with the findings in order to gauge the level of success of the project. The learning outcomes of the course will be evident in the project and this should be indicative of my effort in the project. In essence, the general criteria for success of the project should look into the connection between the project and the course. Furthermore, the success of the project will depend on the clarity of its arguments and how the researcher relates various ideas from different scholars as far as music education is concerned.
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