Applying to the College in Colombia – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Applying to the College in Colombia " is a great example of an educational application essay. Colombia has one of the most challenging and rigorous education systems. Though the system is rigorous and challenging I believe my past life has adequately prepared me to take up any challenges in life and turn them into opportunities. Moreover, I am academically prepared to take up challenges. Undertaking Honors in English IV was challenging but my past experience as an architecture student has adequately prepared me for any difficult academic workload having done challenging units such as AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Calculus.

Learning English will also assist me to achieve my goals in life since it is an international language. It will enable me to express my ideas and thoughts in different languages and hence offer architectural services to different countries. My experience as an architectural student is not only helpful to me but will also benefit the University. I believe proficiency in the English language will enable me to draw and express my architectural ideas. I am social and able to communicate with people from different places. During holidays, I work with different construction sites to earn a living because my parents are also struggling with the recession. These opportunities have taught me how to communicate with different types of people hence can act as a bridge of interaction with different students at the institution.

Generally, my work as a manual laborer at the sites is negatively viewed by most people. However, I view this as a challenge of complementing practical and fundamental architectural knowledge and skills as well as general life. Working in different construction sites gives me the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds hence enhanced my ability to inspire real-world life.  Furthermore, working as a manual laborer and undertaking my architectural studies at the same time have prepared me for urban campus life. This will enable me to adapt to any challenges at the campus and create good relationships with other students at the institution. Generally, studying at Columbia University studies will enhance my communication and interaction with people from different backgrounds and enable me to expand my sight range further and achieve life goals.