Personal Statement – Admission/Application Essay Example

Personal ment for a College Degree in Pharmacy My interest in pharmacy came long before my admission in high school although I did not follow it with the tenacity that I currently have. Throughout my high school period, I envisioned myself becoming a renowned pharmacist that would traverse the world, giving the necessary services. However, my thoughts became more refined the day I enrolled for a two-year college degree. I pursued my AA degree and upon graduation, I have been seeking an opportunity to pursue pharmacy and I believe I am eligible for this chance.
Besides my two-year degree in AA, I also enrolled in some science classes in order to enhance my eligibility for a pharmacy degree. Indeed, the courses prepared me adequately for the pharmacy school. At least, I now have some idea what it takes to enroll for a pharmacy school. In an effort to acquire some skills and knowledge pertaining to pharmacy, I worked in a hospital for six months as a volunteer. I undertook both inpatient and outpatient volunteering, where I equipped myself with essential pharmaceutical skills. My current ambition is to finish school successfully and obtain a pharmacy tech license.
One of the best ways of achieving my career ambitions is to pursue pharmacy to the highest attainable degree, and I confidently believe that I will succeed with the necessary support. Considering my education, community service, an immense interest, and professional experience, I believe that I am the best fit for the admission and the probable enrolment for a degree in pharmacy.