Admission to New York University – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Admission to New York University" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay. Getting admission into New York University has always been my greatest dream. It is one of the top universities of the world with students coming from 50 states and 87 countries. It is renowned for its academic excellence and huge opportunities for personal growth. Its academic advancements are based on intrinsic human values, quality education, and ethics which inculcate a strong sense of social justice and high professionalism. It offers a challenging environment for critical thinking and promotes personal and academic advancements through innovative curricula and constructive engagement with the faculty members and peer group. Moreover, my cousin is a successful professional with high ethical values which have been imbibed from the environment of NYU. The university, therefore, represents all my ideas and hopes for the future and I would like to get admission here. I have always been an all-rounder with high leadership initiatives which have been used in my school days in the form of clubs and other extra-curricular activities. I have also been a high achiever and have always made efforts to help out other students who were struggling. I have motivated them for higher academic performance through my positive attitude and hard work. I hope to bring this attitude of hope and my leadership qualities to influence other students of NYU when I interact with them. I am also widely traveled and my understanding of different culture would help me connect with other students from diverse background. Most importantly, I am a highly driven individual and my strong belief in a human relationship would be one of the vital elements that would add value to the University’s principles of excellence.