Nutritional Care Plan In The Form Of A Report – Admission/Application Essay Example

Nutritional Care Plan Nutritional Care Plan Adequate nutrition is vital in maintaining the bodys optimal performances. Healthful patterns of eating, pharmacotherapy, regular physical activity amongst others are major components in the management of diabetes. For most people already afflicted by diabetes, evaluating ones meal tends to be the toughest section of the treatment plan.
For those with type 1 diabetes, taking part in intensive flexible insulin therapy education program with the use of carbohydrate counting meal planning approach can result in better glycemic control. For those utilizing fixed insulin doses on a daily basis, consistent carbohydrate intake can bring about enhanced glycemic control and reduced risk of hypoglycemia. Better suited for individuals with type 2 diabetes is a simple diabetes meal planning approach (Whitney et al., 2010)
Overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes, cutting down energy intake while maintaining a healthful pattern of eating is recommended for losing weight. Ample loss of weight may bring about clinical benefits such as improved blood pressure, glycaemia and lipids for some people afflicted with diabetes, more so those early in the disease process. To attain some significant weight loss, intensive lifestyle intervention consisting of counseling about physical activity, nutrition therapy and behavior change with ongoing support are advised (Whitney et al., 2010).
Combination of macronutrients. Since there is no perfect percentage of calories from protein, carbohydrate and fat for everyone with diabetes (B); hence, the distribution of macronutrients should be based on individualized assessment of metabolic goals, preferences and current eating patterns. A variety of eating patterns are permissible for management of diabetes. Tradition, religion, culture, economics, health beliefs and objectives should be taken into account when recommending one eating pattern over another (Whitney et al., 2010).
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