Melting Pot – Admission/Application Essay Example

Melting Pot Affiliation: Describe the relationship of race, and gender andits effect on health and mental care delivery in the United States.
Racial, social class and gender discrimination still exist in the health care system even with the civil rights legislation campaigning for equal treatment of all in the health care industry. The discrimination is as a result of several issues unique to each variable. For most women, the economic hardships and lack of property ownership hinders them from quality health care. For the racial minorities, it is the lack of culturally competent care and language barrier not to mention discrimination by the physicians. For those in the lower social class, they lack funds to access better health care facilities, discriminatory policies and lack of insurance.
What steps could be taken to guarantee that all have the same access to the appropriate health care?
Based on research by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2001, some of the measures that can guarantee same access include: insurance should affordable and available to all, free medical care to women and especially when it comes to maternity and children services, having interpreters in hospitals and physicians being taught ethics on cultural competency among others. For those in the lower social class, cheaper hospitals and health care facilities should be established but their quality not compromised and hence making the health care services available to all.
Should funds be made available through the federal and local government?
Yes funds should be availed through the federal and local government in order to ensure some of the suggestions made above like free maternity and children services, better insurance schemes reach all the people in the country. Monitoring of these funds and accountability should however be insisted in order to ensure the people benefit from these funds (and especially the needy people).
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