Marshall Plan – Admission/Application Essay Example

THE MARSHALL PLAN On June 5, 1947, the then United s Secretary of George C. Marshall gave a speech that laid down the guidelines of economic recovery for the war-torn Europe. The purpose of this essay is to identify the Marshall Plan in essence. This paper will discuss the people who were involved in The Marshall Plan, where it happened, and the events associated with it. In addition to this, this paper will also discuss what happened, and the historical significance of the Marshall Plan.
The Marshall Plan involved the entire continent of Europe. The United States was at the center of this strategic plan, and it also included countries such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and Poland. The plan aimed to help these countries get on the road to economic recovery. The main aim was to reverse the effects the war had had on their economies1
When War II ended in 1947, transportation infrastructure in Europe had been totally ruined. The only country that had been spare was the United States. The plan was set in motion in April of 1948, and it aimed at combating Soviet Communism that was fast spreading. This move was supported by both Republicans who controlled Congress, and Democrats who had charge of the White House.
Owing to this Plan, the United States was able to do away with trade barriers, and rebuild this region which had been destroyed by the war. Industries were modernized, and as a result of their effort, Europe became prosperous again. By revitalizing national economies, Marshall was convinced that the political stability of the United States would be restored.
The Marshall Plan had a great historical significance to the United States. It aided the United States recover from the devastation that had been caused by World War II. This plan also saw European economies grow rapidly from 1948 through to 1952. Trade relations that were established during this time also led to the North Atlantic alliance being formed. The European Union (EU) also came about as a result of the associations that were established at this time2
The Marshall Plan, attributed to George C. Marshall, was a plan to enable the United States to recover economically. World War II had left Europe destabilized, and infrastructure ruined, but the Marshall plan was able to reverse the effects. After implementation of this plan, the United States was able to regain economic stability, and form alliances and unions that made it the most economically stable in the entire of Europe.
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