List And Define The Factors That Are Important To Successful Implantation Effort – Admission/Application Essay Example

There are six major factors that are to be considered during implantation of a modernized information System. Coding Testing Installation Documentation
Coding refers to the use of programming languages by a team of system developers so that a system could be designed after analyzing technical specifications and various functional requirements. In other words, it is about transforming physical design into computer language through a comprehensive programming process.
Testing refers to an activity in which the newly developed system is checked for any errors and irregularities that impede proper functioning of a system. The programmed elements are tested to ensure things are in the right order and applications could be used for various purposes.
The next step is about replacing the old (existing) system with a new system. The existing data and software resources are converted so that they could comply with new components and applications in a new system.
Documentation is a step during which the end users are provided the written and published notes, documents and files about applications, functioning and tools in a new system so that they would not face any difficulties in adjusting themselves to changed working procedures and environment.
Once implemented, employees are provided training about use of applications and accessibility of documents from a new system. The training process usually includes theoretical as well as practical learning sessions to ensure adaptability and adjustment.
The final step is about providing support to end users about use of new system and to resolve any technical problems during system breakdown and failure. In addition, the users are also provided guidance about use of specific components.
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