New Approaches of the Concepts of Human Resources – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "New Approaches of the Concepts of Human Resources" is a great example of an admission essay on human resources.
The sessions were very informative, enlightening and inspirational in the field of human resource (HR) practices. Contextualizing HRM laid emphasis on the various HR styles and people management while shedding light on the historical shaping. Over the years, HR importance is ever increasing over time in ensuring firm vision and mission are accomplished and harmonious coexistence with the environment (Anca-Ioana, 2013).
The information remains relevant in the field as it entails employees and organizational growth and development. Personally, the knowledge allows me to stand out as a better person able to relate better to employees while taking heed of their concerns. Professionally, it gives insight into the procedure on how to motivate, promote and discipline employees accordingly. In case an employee repeatedly reports late to work, first you serve the employee with a warning letter highlighting the organizational rules. On persistence, formal summon is necessary to hear the employee concern and reasons. If no improvement is noted, a disciplinary action is necessary depending on the magnitude and laid procedure.
Human Resource Planning (HRP) unit gave a view of the UK labor market. UK labor market is dominated by the old although with an unemployment 16 percent. In contrast, in Qatar, foreign labor dominates the labor market with locals almost guaranteed public sector jobs. The practice diminishes the incentives for Qatar citizens to acquire valuable skills and engage in the private sector. In evaluating managers and employees' efficiency, as well as compliance with regulations, organizations integrate both soft and hard HRP metrics (Anca-Ioana, 2013). However, an effective HRP is necessary for future projections of labor in ensuring HR is fully utilized, minimal labor turnover and absenteeism, improving productivity and hence achieve organizational objectives. In Diar, HRP practice remains relevant especially in my field of contracts and procurement were hard or quantitative HRP is prevalent.