Journal – Admission/Application Essay Example

Journal Journal The article, “A Framework Development Process to Integrate Cultural Value Dimensions in a Managerial Decision Making Context” explores the idea of developing a framework for incorporating cultural values into the business decision-making process (Gupta, 2012). The study chose five cultural value dimensions (CVDs) present in human behavior and which are believed to be factors that rationalize the way an individual acts and decide within a business context. These CVDs are individualism/collectivism, equality/hierarchy, logic/emotion, uncertainty avoidance, and time orientation (Gupta, 2012).
From an ethical point of view, one thinks that the research was done in an objective manner. There are no biases on the CVDs identified to be relevant in the business decision-making process. The study however did not take into consideration that some individuals may not really act according to the influence of its culture, but may instead decide according to what the organizational culture dictates. There are other factors which are not covered by the CVD framework used in the research.
One thinks that article falls short of describing the methodology used to come up with its conclusions and findings. In this regard, one cannot totally say whether the research was done well. The readers have no idea as to how varied are the cultures used in the study. One agrees however with the choice of the five CVDs by the author. The CVDs encompasses the major differences in the cultures of individuals. The CVDs chosen are indeed influential in the behavior of employees in a business environment. Overall, one considers the findings of the research in agreement with what one has learned so far on how culture affects the decision-making process in a business organization.
Gupta, S. F. (2012, Spring). A framework development process to integrate cultural value dimensions in a managerial decision making context. Journal of Business & Economic Studies, 18(1), 1-53.