Essay Guidelines – Admission/Application Essay Example

Application Essay Application Essay As a young child, I enjoyed cutting pictures of men and women in beautiful clothes. My parents taught me that how you look shapes the way other people view you. In addition, I believed that every person is a beautiful being. Wearing the right clothes would enable the society to appreciate the beauty in everyone. The passion for fashion merged with my interest in marketing. I believe everyone should learn the art of marketing. Consequently, the fashion marketing program will enable me to contribute towards the progress of the society by empowering me to channel my interests in a productive manner.
I am committed towards achieving academic success at the institution. The Art Institute of Atlanta has some of the most marketable programs. In addition, it is a prestigious institution with a rich history. As a result, I am aware of the unique opportunity to attend the institute. The fashion marketing program will prepare me to take advantage of a fashion industry that is being revolutionized by the internet. Brick and mortar retailers have to learn to sell to consumers online. Moreover, it will enable me to shape the fashion trends in future. It will give me the expertise that I need to work on ensuring that consumers with low incomes can find affordable clothes.
I am a self-motivated person. I have grown up knowing that human beings have the power to create the realities needed. However, I am also aware that the social and economic landscape may place barriers on the lives of other young people. My goal is to use the expertise that I will learn and the experience acquired in subsequent employment to bridge the gap between low-income families and a great fashion experience.