ENVI – Admission/Application Essay Example

The U.S vs. Al-Qaeda There are several similarities and differences between the jihad group of 1980s in Afghanistan and that residing in Syria today. One of the similarities is that both received funding, training, and support from the U.S. The U.S created the Al-Qaeda in the 1980s to help in forcing the Soviet Union from Afghanistan, which was successful. In addition, the U.S has been funding the rebels in Syria to help them in overthrowing the Syrian regime of President Assad. On the other hand, both have been manipulated so as to accomplish a goal for the U.S. In the same way that the U.S used them to cause the fall of the Soviet Union, it is also using them to overthrow a regime that has different viewpoints from the U.S. In addition, both groups were used to overthrow regimes in the same continent; Asia. The creation and funding of both groups has led to the occurrence of collateral damage, which is the death of innocent civilians as these groups accomplish certain goals for America. The differences include that while the U.S created only one jihadi group in the 1980s, by 2011, there are several similar groups residing in Syria and other countries in Asia. In addition, although the U.S supported the Al-Qaeda in the past, it is currently fighting other subgroups that sprouted from the original group created by the U.S. One of the groups that the U.S is fighting is the ISIS, which the U.S itself helped to become very powerful. Therefore, the U.S created the problem that it is currently attempting to resolve, which is the creation and funding of rebel groups so as to accomplish certain goals for the itself.