Emory University Short Essay Question – Admission/Application Essay Example

Why I Wish to Attend Emory I have always believed that one should never sacrifice the quality of a college education in favor of affordable tuition fees and other expenses related to the completion of a college course. As a future Liberal Arts student, I have come to the have the pleasure of learning about the outstanding Liberal Arts programs that are being taught at Emory University using competitive tuition fees.
With the universitys concentration on maintaining a balance of both high quality education and research funding, I know I will be in very good hands with the mentors and professors of the university if I am allowed to gain a slot as a student with Emory during the upcoming semester. The fact that the university encourages on - campus housing for incoming freshmen and sophomore students is sure to energize my idea of exciting campus living while learning from the best teachers in the field of Liberal Arts.
As an excitable up and coming freshman in the university, I am looking forward to helping define the landscape of the university in relation to my graduating batch. It is not difficult for me to imagine how the synergy of the university and my personal beliefs will further help the university in its evolution towards becoming the top-notch Liberal Arts university in the country today. Not everyone will be given the chance to attend Emory University this coming semester. I am sure that my academic qualifications will qualify me for admission to the university this upcoming semester.