Diversity Day – Admission/Application Essay Example

Diversity Day What were the good examples of cultural diversity from this video? There was representation of different minority groups that are present in America such as the Italians, Asians, Jamaicans and even the Black. This is an indication of recognition and appreciation of these minority groups. There are examples of appreciation of each minority group’s culture for example the Italian and spaghetti meaning Italians have good spaghetti. There is the assumption that Jewish are religious and this is not necessarily a bad thing.
What were the negative examples about diversity from this video?
There were stereotypes such as the Asians being storeowners when the Asian woman enters the office and Steve starts making indications of being a storeowner. This actually earns him a slap as it is very negative. There is also the part of the Italian man asking the Jamaican woman about wanting to go to the beach and getting high on drugs which indicates that Jamaicans are just good with being lazy in the beach and using drugs. There is also the stereotype that Asians are bad drivers similar to women which is actually insulting.
Your thoughts on cultural diversity
Cultural diversity should be something to be appreciated and not be the source of ridicule or negative and hurtful stereotypes. Being negative through crude comments only serve the purpose of fuelling hatred within the different groups while at the same time cementing the stereotypes which is demeaning. Appreciation of diversity and seeking to identify and express more positive thoughts and comments than negative ones earns respect from the minority group. It also leads to coexistence and lack of conflict. This translated into politics and economics leads to growth of the nation.
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