Creating A Story – Admission/Application Essay Example

September 11, Nicole in New York Nicole is a Filipino: tan, with long black and silky hair, and her round eyes seemingly speak of deep expressive meaning. She was introduced by the adviser, Ms. Clareze Smith, to the class of grade 8 students at Addison High School. The class is composed of students with mixed cultural orientations – but still, predominantly White. Nicole gazed reluctantly to assess if there are other Filipinos or Asians in Ms. Smith’s class. She must have counted at least ten. Everyone welcomed her with enthusiasm. Nicole was relieved. She heard stories from home that there had been evident cases of racial discrimination in the United States. Still, Nicole’s parents had moved in New York six months ago and promised to get her and her two other siblings, Nathan and Norbert, as soon as the immigration papers allow.
Nicole’s fears slowly abated as she slowly assimilated in the American culture. As a Filipina, speaking English was not difficult since English was a second language in the Philippines and used as a medium of instruction in private schools. In fact, she exhibited academic excellence in her class and became the favorite of most of her teachers. She excelled in English and Science; and she was equally skilled in extra-curricular endeavors, such as music and drama. She was kind, accommodating, warm, and always ready to assist her classmates in whatever subjects they need tutoring on. Despite having two other Filipinos in class, she vowed to maintain a diverse set of friends to share unique experiences and to widen her knowledge of different cultures, as well.
In November 2013, news of a super typhoon, Hayan (Yolanda) reportedly devastated Nicole’s hometown, Tacloban. When her classmates learned about this, they all vowed to assist Nicole and her relatives in Tacloban. They donated whatever funds from their daily allowances they have to be sent to the Philippines. Nicole was deeply moved. Tears fell as she gratefully thanked everyone who unselfishly extended their assistance. To this day, Nicole realized that the stereotyped belief of discrimination was already passé and what remains is the spirit of camaraderie and the value of humanitarian efforts – acknowledging that a simple girl studying in a foreign country could touch their hearts and lives.