COLLEGE ESSAY – Admission/Application Essay Example

College Essay Tell us how the integration of faith and learning can prepare you for a life of service, and discuss the impact service-learning can have on the renewing of your mind, spirit, and community.
Faith means to have complete trust in God. Service is rendering work for others. An integration of faith and learning prepares an individual for a life of service through a growing awareness that selfless dedication enables one to accomplish God’s purpose for man in life. Learning opens one’s mind to diverse information of various facets. Faith helps one focus on trusting the Divine Power for direction and guidance.
According to Rick Warren (2002) in his book entitled The Purpose Driven Life, “service is the pathway to real significance. (232) Learning is the means and the instrument for us to determine our purpose and to develop our faith. Warren averred that “God determines your greatness by how many people you served, not how many people serve you.” (257) Through continuous learning, one gains more knowledge and experiences on the value and uplifting benefits of serving.
Through service – learning, one develops awareness that service is directed ultimately to others. By being selfless, the traditional orientation of people to be concerned of oneself is shifted and redirected to others. Thereby, the change in mental attitude naturally occurs through serving and learning. A renewal in spirit and responsibility to the concerns of the community follows. Warren aptly quoted Albert Schweitzer who proffered that “the only really happy people are those who learned how to serve” (270). Learning ultimately achieves its purpose of according happiness and self-fulfillment through faith and a life of unselfish service.