College Application Essay – Admission/Application Essay Example

College Application Essay Every joining Point Loma Nazarene is expected to sign the Community Living Agreement which highlights how he or she is expected to live within the University’s environment. Being a Christian institution, the agreement heavily emphasizes on the need for its community to emulate Christ’s teachings about life and community. The agreement is also designed to provide the student an atmosphere of academic excellence in addition to spiritual growth and enrichment. Part of the university’s mission is to form and model character. Character formation is an important part of the learning process and the university has done well in including it in its mission statement. Other virtues that are included in the agreement are expression of faith through service, honesty and holiness. Not many institutions are bold enough to include Christian virtues as part of their main objectives like the Point Loma Nazarene University has done. Students are encouraged to be better people in their personal and societal lives by following the spiritual tenets of the university.
Although mission of the university to make Christianity every student’s way of life may seem noble, the reality is that not all students are likely to adhere to the expectations of the university. It is not easy being a Christian and there will always be those who will find it hard to keep up with the agreement thy signed. However, being a Christian institution that holds spirituality dear, this is a challenge that can be overcome easily through proper support from the entire Christian community within the university.
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