College Admissions Essay – Admission/Application Essay Example

ment of Purpose Amid colossal economic uncertainties ranging from the 2008 economic crisis to recent speculations of financial crisis, relevanceof economics as a subject has intensified. As such, my enthusiasm in economics has been awakened further even as I aspire to make relevant contributions to this great field through meaningful research. Economics is a meticulous discipline that can assist to overcome contemporary challenges pertaining to the analysis of economies and financial markets. Hence, I am motivated to pursue higher studies in a bid to complement my fluency in the economics field.
Of the relatively many inheritable traits from parents, I have particularly inherited a passion that has been a major driving force in the course of my academics. Both parents were small business owners and I roughly learned basic accounting as a child as well as how to effectively run a business. Mother owned a flower nursery and father owned a hardware store giving me vast exposure and comprehension of essential aspects of economics. I have since nurtured my interest through inquisition from parties involved in economics and individual research from documentaries and related books including keeping myself up to date from relevant resources such as the Economist.
I have gathered extensive knowledge from my studies as an economics major inculcating fundamental tenets of applications of economies in addressing various global problems. Additionally, my fascination of implications of government intervention on market processes has led me to research on state capitalism’s ability to foster economic development. This has extended my grasp of the potential of state investment in industrialization and some challenges emanating from suppression of domestic demand.
Away from my studies I regularly volunteer in a local childcare center thereby boosting self-responsibility. More so it has been a useful experience considering that I am a single a single parent of two kids. Moreover, I have severally chaired in students’ and community council councils during organization of various events. This has increased my responsibility levels and given me unlimited exposure in practical pursuits.
In my efforts to quench my thirst for education and make relevant contributions in the economics field, I have made a decision to engage in higher studies. This will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to critically analyze and explain the rationale of consumers, firms and governments.