Applying to University – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Applying to University" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay. 
Academic excellence has always been and I would work hard not only to achieve the excellence academically but also to holistically my entire life as well as my society. It is for this reason that I aspire to gain a lot of knowledge to enable my contribution to the society’s development. I also have an innate urge to stand out as a role model in my society which I believe is only possible with a quality education that totally transforms my perception of things and enables my positive influence on the lives of others.  The desire for knowledge made to always work hard and win the confidence of most of my teachers in high school who encouraged me to aim for higher things.  I became one of the best students and won the Merits award in English composition which reminded me that my efforts were not in vain. I have also worked with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program for quite some years. I also joined and became a very active member of the NSHSS and for the experience gained in the programs have tremendously affected my perception of the world around me. I have come to appreciate the power of education and knowledge in transforming individuals and societies and hence increasing my quest for higher education. I also believe in a holistic transformation of the total human and therefore hold extracurricular activities with a lot of value. I actively participate in club activities as well as track and field events not only to increase my knowledge base through meaningful interactions but also achieve both mental and physical fitness which I believe are very important. I hope to use the available facilities in the university and learn, interact actively, keep body fitness and contribute positively to the society.