Choose One Extracurricular Activity From The List You Provided On The Application And Explain Why – Admission/Application Essay Example

The last year of my Junior High School saw the dawn of a new and interesting club- ‘The Debate Team.’ As every individual is constantly in pursuit ofexcellence, my goal was to be the best and adopt a step by step approach. My own plan for personal excellence involves defining success on my terms, developing discipline and utilizing time wisely, being receptive towards feedback, taking risks, being ethical in my approach and to nurture relationships.
As part of an extra curricular activity, I joined this debate team. I realized that becoming a team member of this club, would assist me in enhancing my persona. In grade 9 I had completed a summer course in public speaking. Therefore in order to pursue and improve total self control and presentation skills, I joined this particular team which in course of time enabled me to stand and speak to an audience without being shy.
The mission of the debate club was to support and propagate the freedom of free speech through meetings and interacting with other individuals, thus sharing ideas and knowledge, leading to a positive change.
My involvement with the debate team has increased my knowledge, facilitated me to listen to diverse views and thus gain self- confidence in presenting my own views and not thrusting or forcing my views on others. The debate team taught me the art of patience, to listen to what others have to say’ and similarly respecting the views of others. Thus the quality and art of living and let live was approached with a positive attitude. This exchange of views and knowledge-sharing has lead to the development of new skills, living with a grateful attitude, reacting impromptu and constantly working together as a team, respecting the views and ideas of all.
Various research methods, organizational behavior, cooperating with all and accepting change along with diversity are some of the ‘talents’ acquired by me from the debate team. Debates enhance teamwork and broaden minds by keeping in tune with current affairs as we debated on sensitive topics such as “Eating meat is unethical” which gave me an insight into the merits of being a vegetarian, or “The right of veto should be restricted in the UN Security Council”.
I continue to be a part of this debate team, as paying attention to observations made by others and their outlook, provided enlightenment and understanding to accept what other people believed in and what lead them to do so.
The debate team has been a combination of fun and hands-on learning for me. Values such as respect, discipline, attentiveness, self- sacrifice, patience and effective communication along with optimism have formed the foundation which will assist me in my future career and mould me into a wholesome individual.
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