CHEN SU LAN STUDENT BURSARY AWARD – Admission/Application Essay Example

I am applying for the Chen Su Lan Bursary in the hopes of securing a brighter future for myself and for the potential beneficiariesof the fruits of my education, under the tutelage and sponsorship of the National University of Singapore.
As an individual, I have always been community-oriented. My involvement in the community can be traced back to my first few years as a teenager. The youth expedition project in China to help the poor villagers to build basketball court was a wonderful experience for me and certainly has helped to motivate me to contribute back to the society even more. Thankfully, despite a hectic schedule in university, I am still able to participate in the community at present.
Knowing for a fact how age can have several consequences on the old people in society, such as their productivity or their sense of fulfillment, they have since been the focus of my community service. Every Saturday, my hallmates and I distribute food to the general population of old men and women living in York Hill, Chin Swee Road (near Chinatown area). I also help them to do house spring cleaning.I buy their groceries for them, take them to the clinic or hospital for their medical appointment for check up, and even talk to them regularly just so they will have a company. For these grandmas and grandpas, simple gestures are already a great deal of help. Whenever they express gratitude or mention that my hallmates and I should visit again, I am always encouraged to continuously serve them.
Aside from regular weekly service, we also celebrate mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year celebration with these elderly people and hope they have a chance to enjoy such joyful traditional events and do not feel left out during festive occasions. During Mid-Autumn Festival, I, as a publicity director will find sponsors to get some food including moon cakes, pomelos, herbal teas and the like to share the joy with these elderly folks. My friends and I will perform singing activities and play lanterns with them too. As many of the elderly are Chinese, we also hold an annual CNY celebration dinner with them at the nearby Red Star Restaurant as a form of our love and warmth care towards them. Furthermore, we recently have gone beyond our normal responsibilities to help an elderly who passed away with no next-of-kin to arrange a decent and proper funeral for him. This has certainly showed my dedication and commitment in helping out the needy people.
In addition to the time I spend with the elderly in the community, I also participate in teaching little children and out-of-school youths from the Haven Basic School. Math, Science, English, and Chinese are some of the subjects I specialize in. During my lectures and activities with them, I always stress the importance of education in one’s life so that hopefully the children will develop a firm passion for learning, while the young drop-outs will be motivated to return to school and make their parents proud of them. Moreover, my CCA mates and I hold a combined project annually, where the Elderly Service and Salvation Army members work together with Eusoff Expedition members for the Social Awareness Week in Eusoff Hall. The project aims to help raise funds and also to create awareness among Eusoff Hall residents about the less fortunate. I also organize meetings and introduce some fund-raising publicity campaign activities to make the event a successful one.
This bursary is therefore so vital to me to complete my final year of study and fulfill my dreams. It will give me the chance to better equip myself, education-wise and later in my career, so that I can do more for everyone, especially the less privileged.