Challenge(s) Of Resuming College Education – Admission/Application Essay Example

Challenges of Resuming College Education Thesis ment It is always tough for an individual to resume college education once he or she is out of college for one reason or the other.
Break of study is a major hindrance to one’s life. The statistics of United States in this regard is quite alarming. In 1997, the rate of drop out students in between the ages of 16 to 24 was 11% (Sound Vision, “Digest of Education Statistics”).
There are myriads of reason for increasing college dropouts in recent times. Downturn in economy, too high expectations and doubt between the choices of earning or advanced education are the prime reasons for the increase in college dropouts across the globe. The main challenge to resume education is that of priority of money over education.
There are lots of challenges for an individual for resuming education once dropped out from a college. The primary hurdle in resuming college education is that of economic stability. Most of the students drop from college because of their economic instability.
Once the incumbent is into job, life changes drastically. Along with the job, appear professional as well as personal responsibilities and obligations. The professional hardly can manage time for his personal life after completing the professional assignments. It almost becomes next to impossible to sit over, concentrate and commence studying all over again.
Also, every year new batches of students are coming out fresh from the high schools. Almost in all of the universities, there is demand – supply mismatches in terms of seats available. So, many of the universities do not allow students to rejoin after a certain period of time once he or she discontinue the course. Therefore, even if the person wishes to resume education again, it might not be possible.
Thus, it is quite an established fact that economic depression along with too much of competition is hindering higher study and it is almost impossible for an individual to resume education once into a job.
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