Anti-discrimination Law – Admission/Application Essay Example

Discrimination is the mistreatment of a person based on his membership to a certain group. This is expressed by offering privileges to certain persons. This has had negative effect on overall performance of organizations and has necessitated changes in the legal framework to ensure that everyone is protected from exploitation. Anti-discrimation laws are based on the rights of each individual and they indicate that no person should be discriminated based on sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. This takes into account both direct and indirect discrimination. Employment discrimination is often carried out in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, and compensation (Davies, 2011).
In the case of Sam, he as a driver undertakes his duty as assigned by the company management. According to the company’s promotional requirement from a driver to a dispatcher, one is required to have five years’ experience and a specific license. Sam having met the set requirements applies for the promotion, which is declined based on him being white and laziness being associated to the whites. Having overheard this from the interviewer after the interview makes the information credible. According to the antidiscrimination laws, the act is wrong and Sam has the right to file a charge Moreover, he is not supposed to be victimized for the charge (Busby & Grace, 2011).
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